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Learn and Conserve Energy with Energy Trackers

With this small low-cost device called "The KeWee", you can learn all types of valuable information about the energy usage at your home or buisness. Just have the node professionally installed in your breaker box and immediatly start logging data such as:

Power Draw

Some of your appliances may be drawing a suprising amount of power. Everything from humidifiers, air conditioners, lights, and laundry machines will show up. As you turn devices on our easy-to-use utilities can help put into perspective how much it's costing to electrify the device.

Peak and Average Usage

Your data is recorded - and daily reports can be generated, allowing you to gauge your average and peak usages. This feature can be great when planning for solar panels or other renewables. Additionally you can use these reports to validate the success of your energy-saving measures.

Power Quality

The power coming to your home from your renewables and your electrical provider should be of a high quality. Using the KeWee, you can determine if your power factor is good, or if you're losing money.

And Much More!

The KeWee calculates 26 different types of measurements which can be used to understand a great deal about your home and energy usage. Additionally, you can view anonomyzed aggregate data from your community to compare how efficient your home is!

Interested in Learning About YOUR Power?

Currently the nodes are being heavily developed and tested, but will soon be available to the public! If you're interested in getting your hands on a KeWee - fill out the brief form below and we'll contact you when one's available!